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Jaria Sharkey, Executive Director

Jaria Sharkey is a long-term care professional known by many for her encouraging spirit, her love and support for seniors, caregivers and youth and her passion to help and serve others wholeheartedly. 

After the life changing effects that COVID had on the long term care industry, Ms. Sharkey recognized the need for seniors and families to have access to the best long term care housing, resources, and services for their care, social and budget needs, so she helped transition the Pendlove organization from residential care to outreach care by launching Pendlove's Senior Resource Center “The Love Hub”.


The Love Hub offers seniors coordinated services that are designed to optimize their opportunities for healthy and fulfilling lives, social engagement, and safety. The Love Hub also publicly recognizes seniors and caregivers for the integral roles that they play in the community.

Her passion to see that seniors experience quality long term care housing and services rather in a long-term care community or within the comfort of their homes, motivated her to work in both entry level positions as well as senior management in the long-term care industry for almost a decade.

"I want to be found doing the work..."

From The Executive Director's Desk...

During my 7 year caregiving journey, I remember relatives, friends and church members, telling me to give them a call if I needed anything, my truth is, I never called them, not because I was too proud to ask for help, but because I was so consumed with my caregiving journey that I did not have the energy or the mental capacity to pick up the phone or shoot them a text to express what I needed.


So, if you have been that person that tells the caregiver(s) in your circle to call you if they need anything, the truth is, you may never get that phone call or text, but guess what? you can still support them by doing something as simple as:


1. Surprising them, by picking up lunch or dinner and dropping it off or having it delivered to them.

2. Surprising them with their favorite grocery store or a Target or Walmart gift card to help them buy needed essential items.

3. Sending them a thinking of you card in the mail.

4. Gifting them a day or some time for respite care, for example, if you are equipped to do so, offer to to sit with their loved one or pay for a private duty caregiver for a day or a few hours to give them a little mental and physical break.

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