The purpose of our Shirley Cares “Caregivers Honors Project” is to increase public recognition and awareness of the role that both family and professional caregivers play in providing daily care and support to their loved ones and clients that have a disability, medical conditions, mental illness or who are no longer able to care for themselves. Through our “Caregivers Honors Project” we have dedicated ourselves to show consistent recognition and honor to family and professional caregivers for their selflessness to care for others.

Although we know that caregivers do not do what they do to be recognized, we just want to sow seeds of love to remind them just how much they are valued and appreciated for their selflessness.

Do you know a family or professional caregiver who deserves to be publicly recognized and honored for their commitment, dedication, sacrifice and selflessness to care for a loved one or a client? Send us an email to answering the 3 questions below with a head shot photo of the person that you want to be publicly recognized and honored:

  1. Years as a family or personal caregiver

  2. Describe the caregiver and why you are nominating him/her

  3. Provide a story or example that illustrates the caregiver’s commitment, dedication, sacrifice and selflessness to care for their loved one or their client.

 Deadline To Submit Requested Information: July 31st.